It’s the first day of MARCH OF TACO MARCH*, so might as well get it started at breakfast!

Overstuffed breakfast tacos are the only way to wake up in the morning

Up until yesterday, I didn’t have any flour tortillas on hand… and haven’t really had any in stock for a while. Any tacos that I’ve had at home have been on freshly made corn tortillas, because I’m a fancy boy like that. Plus, a bag of masa is cheap, and they’re super easy and fairly quick to make. This is one of many times I’ll say this, but it’s well worth it to have some sort of tortilla press and masa available. Once you’ve made your own, it’s hard to go back.

THAT BEING SAID – sometimes you don’t want to get up and make tortillas. Sometimes it’s nice to have a bag of them waiting for you. There is no shame in it. Besides, it’s nice to change it up and have some dang flour tortillas.

I started these by cooking up some bacon in a pan, as one does. When the bacon was done, I set the strips out to cool, poured off some of the fat, and fried the tortillas in the fat left in the pan. Not enough to turn them into hard shells, but long enough to make them crispy yet pliable. After they were where I wanted them, I put the reserved fat back into the pan and scrambled a couple eggs. SO MANY LAYERS OF DELICIOUS BACON FAT DELICIOUSNESS. I cut the bacon into smallish pieces, then tossed them in the eggs with some queso fresco. That whole mess got piled onto the tortillas along and topped with a little more queso, cilantro, and some salsa.

Breakfast tacos. So damn good, so customizable. I wish I had some potatoes to add to these, but they’re already overflowing with ingredients as they are.


*as you’ll see, the first week or so of posts were published after the actual date, but I promise you, all tacos were consumed on the dates listed

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