Let’s get fancy with some lobster!

Over the weekend there wasn’t much in the way of tacos. I took it easy, and threw a taco together each day. Saturday was some leftover smoked salmon with cream cheese smeared on a flour tortilla. Sunday, it was more leftover carnitas. That’s starting to dwindle. But no leftovers for today. Today, we dine on lobster.

Lobster tail for the tacos
The featured guest for the night

I’ve made this recipe from my favorite taco cookbook a few times, and it’s turned out spectacularly well every time. Lobster, corn, garlic, pepper, onion, cilantro, and Yucatecan Tomato Salsa on corn tortillas.


Now, this may making a little too strong of a statement, but I think these are my favorite tacos. At least of the tacos I’ve made. And this is with frozen lobster tail and corn, so I can only imagine how this would be with all fresh ingredients. Once my sweet corn starts growing, I might have to go to the Upper Iowa River and grab some fresh lobsters.

TACO COUNT (including weekend tacos) – 18


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