A week in, still no stopping the taco

I wouldn’t be tacoing so much if I didn’t love tacos. I would consider taking the next step and trying for tacos every meal, but that would require a little more planning, and (as you might be able to tell with these blog posts that I’m writing weeks later than it appears) sometimes planning ahead isn’t my strongest suit. If/when I take a stab at that, I’ll have to mix it up a bit. Taco innovations. Taco like today’s taco.

This is one case where I did plan ahead, with the leftover carnitas. My favorite sandwich in taco form. Cultures combining. The Cuban taco.

Inspiration strikes

I picked up habanero dill pickles, ham, and swiss, put them on a flour tortilla. With the carnitas and a little dijon mustard. These are wonderful. I need to remember this combo when I have more leftover carnitas. Maybe not necessarily for a taco, but a good Cuban sandwich. Well, good Cuban sandwich is redundant. But DAMN, these were awesome. Overstuffed, as I am wont to do, but there’s still some carnitas left, and I need to get through it soon. NO REGRETS


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