The best way to start the day – with tacos

I lived in Austin for a stint, where any restaurant or gas station or barbecue joint worth their salt makes breakfast tacos. They’re an entire way of life there, and I’ve wondered why it’s not the same in every other city in the dang world. Breakfast tacos can be simple – eggs, salsa, cheese, maybe some meat – whatever you want. The eggs can be scrambled, fried, poached, or completely omitted. Some salsas go better than others, but it’s hard to go wrong. You can add beans! Or chorizo, or bacon, or sausage, or seitan, or tofu, or nothing! Potatoes are a great addition to these, as they are for most things.

Breakfast tacos are more of a Tex Mex dish, but there are a lot of true Mexican breakfast dishes. Migas, chilaquiles, huevos rancheros, breakfast tortas… so many delicious dishes that while they aren’t tacos, I will cover here in the future.

For these, I used scrambled eggs, ham, queso fresco, Yucatecan Tomato salsa, and cilantro on flour tortillas. Washed down with coffee, it’s the perfect start to the morning.

Tacos. Not JUST for breakfast, but why wouldn’t you start your day with them?

Sadly, no potatoes this time again. Really dropping the ball there. But still eating tacos, no stopping anytime soon


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