5 alarm steak tacos

Apartment living can present challenges. No space for a garden, not as much room as I’d like, and no outdoor grilling. But a few Christmases ago I got a cast iron grill pan, and it changed my life. Chicken, fish, shrimp, burgers, and steak. This month has gone on long enough without steak tacos.

Tacos are better with fresh salsa, so I made a tomatillo salsa with roasted veggies. They were happy to be a part of the meal.

Happy tomatillo
Grinning tomatillo, nestled in peppers and garlic

The apartment got a little smokey during the roasting process, but the ceiling fan saved the day and cleared it up.┬áNext I made a garlic oil to brush the steak, and put the grill pan on high on the range. First portion of flank steak onto the pan, smoke again. Well shoot. Fans again. At least the place is smelling good with the steak and the garlic. It gets a beautiful char while staying medium rare. Time for the next steak. And time for the smoke alarms. Which means time to pull down the smoke alarms. These things are like the Energizer Bunny, they keep going, even when they’re unplugged and batteries taken out. I’m sure it’ll make me feel safe in the long run, but when I’m trying to grill steak for tacos, it’s kind of annoying. All of the ceiling fans, pieces of cardboard used as fans, and open windows was all it took to get things back to normal.


Steak tacos. Grilled steak tacos. A pain to make in an apartment, but so delicious. The tomatillo salsa has some heat and tang that go so well with the steak, onions are a natural pairing, and a little queso fresco mellows everything. Four tacos were more than enough, but I have no regrets. And I have plenty of leftover steak. Yum.


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