Weekend tacos

I thought weekends would give me more time to dedicate to making really intricate tacos, but so far, that’s not been the case. Turns out people do stuff on the weekends that isn’t sitting around making salsa or cooking meats or anything. Good thing I’ve done that stuff throughout the week, so I was able to put a few tacos together quick to keep the month going. On opposite ends of the weekend….

Saturday was a day of drinking, and a solid base was necessary. Enter more breakfast tacos.


Leftover Canadian bacon and mushrooms from the pizza tacos, scrambled eggs, tomato, salsa and cilantro. Yum.

Most of Sunday was spent taking it easy after a long, long day Saturday. Then, drinking more beers at a friend’s place. He made pizza, and it was good. The streak was looking in jeopardy, but I made it home around 11, and was able to pull it out.


The last of the leftover carnitas, some hard shells (that I’ve had too long, but time in the oven helped give them life), queso fresco, and as always, cilantro. For being scraped together at almost literally the last minute, these weren’t too bad. They were small enough that I didn’t feel gross from eating two dinners and as a bonus, they helped get rid of ingredients who were nearing the end of their run in my fridge. It might’ve been about 36 hours later, but leftovers came through in clutch time.


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