Pi Day Tacos – Bay Scallops and corn

Tonight’s tacos were a play off the lobster tacos I made earlier this month. Corn goes so well with shellfish in a taco, it’s hard to not throw some in. On freshly-made corn tortillas, topped with a little queso fresco and volcano salsa, these were fairly quick, and so tasty.

The first round

I sauteed the scallops in butter and garlic, then tossed in some corn cut from a couple ears. Sweet corn from Florida – not nearly as good as fresh Iowa sweet corn, but better than other alternatives and can fill a void until the stalks start growing here.

The tortillas got made right after the scallops, then it was the assembly line. Sadly, no cilantro on hand. I know, I know, how can it even be a taco without cilantro? Well, it still counts. And I couldn’t stop eating them until I had 5. They tasted great, the tortillas were about perfect, and there wasn’t a whole lot to them. Easy to slam through five of them.


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