Can’t get enough seafood in my taco

Living in rural Iowa, it can be tough to get good seafood. It might be more than only rural Iowa where it’s a problem…. anyway, if I want to make sushi or have anything other than frozen fish, usually I’ll have to drive about an hour out of town. I’ll definitely do it now and then, but sometimes I’ll make due with what I can get in town. The co-op here in town gets in good fresh salmon, so I’ve started playing around with different recipes. I thought today I’d go with blackened salmon tacos.

Enhanced to show deliciousness

Spiced up and pan seared. Not too well done, just enough to get a crust on the salmon. Then lettuce, onion, tomato, queso fresco, and tomatillo salsa. I toasted a couple flour tortillas on a burner. This works better on a gas range than electric, but it still gets a good char. Very fresh, light flavors. It’s great. So great. This blackened salmon is going to get put into the regular salmon recipe rotation. Maybe with the salad on the side, but why not eat it in taco form?


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