St. Patrick’s Day Tacos

As luck would have it, St. Patrick’s Day usually falls during MARCH OF TACO MARCH. The best way I’ve found to celebrate the day is by honoring it in taco form.

I’ve had a brisket corning for a week, and set it in the crockpot overnight with a Bell’s Amber Ale. The first mistake I made was putting a five pound brisket in a small cooker. I woke up to find the juices overflowing onto my countertop. Whoops. The morning’s tacos were delayed during the cleanup. It was neither easy nor fun.

After mopping up the mess and wiping off all of the spice containers that were nearby, the next member of the party was a potato. I’ve never made hash browns from scratch, but thought this was as good a time as any, since my breakfast tacos have been decidedly lacking in potatoes. A quick shred and wring in paper towels later, and this spud was ready for the frying pan.

Bowls – guides for cutting more than hair!

Up next, this masterpiece needed a canvas. A rye tortilla was needed, obviously (but not green tortillas. That’d be up there with green beer). I don’t make flour tortillas often, since they use lard and it’s more labor intensive than corn tortillas. Only a little more work, but still. Special occasions call for special tortillas. Or, tortilla. I didn’t want to make a full batch, so I cut the recipe into what I thought would be enough for two. Turns out I made dough for one good tortilla, and one… well, not so good. But the one good one, it was perfect. Look at that beauty!

These tacos were almost ready to be assembled. Potatoes were hash browned, beef was corned, tortilla was ryed, and eggs were scrambled. Had I been smart and thinking way ahead, I would have made sauerkraut. But I was dumb and didn’t make any. Store-bought would have to do. Same with the Swiss cheese. I’m more upset that I didn’t make the kraut than the cheese. Cheesemaking is a whole new step I need to make, though.

The only thing missing was some more stereotypical Irish. Coffee to the rescue.

20170317_114441 (1)
The whiskey is too good to be put into coffee, but it felt necessary

Homemade flour tortillas are so damn good. The lard might have something to do with it, but making stuff at home seems to make it all better. And these were phenomenal. Even if only one of them looked good.


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