Another weekend of tacos

It was another busy weekend, and it seems like writing a post covering the whole weekend is a way to do less work. Everyone wins! Especially me, because I’m eating a lot of tacos.

Saturday was a day of moving slow after the festivities Friday, which meant no one wanted to take the time making tacos. Don Jose’s to the rescue.

Pork pork pork

The best part about going out for tacos with my girlfriend is we can order different things and then share. And usually I get an extra taco or two out of the deal. Saturday I ordered pork adobada while she went with shrimp and mushrooms. Three pork tacos and one shrimp and mushroom taco later, plus a Negra Modelo and a Dos Equis, I was stufffffffffffed. Added bonus – I didn’t have any dishes to do after the meal. It’s amazing how quickly a night of taco making can fill the sink with dirty dishes. Laziness rules the night.

The Sunday after St. Patrick’s Day is always the St. Pat’s parade in Waukon, so another day of drinking. It’s a theme in these parts. Since the days plans are never really set, getting a taco out of the way early was key, so breakfast taco, do your thing.


Ham, eggs, queso fresco, and a freshly made salsa fea (a fun one that translates to “ugly salsa” – everything’s roughly chopped and clumpy and unlike most salsas I’ve had). And a slice of rye bread I made the other day. What, I don’t ONLY eat tacos. With all the corned beef I had, it would only make sense to make rye bread, then make the best damn reuben I’ve ever had. But that’s the story for another blog. Maybe. Probably not. What is important is that this breakfast gave a good base for the day’s drinking. And tasted great.


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