Smoked salmon in a taco is a good way to eat smoked salmon

Yesterday’s tacos were what’s become a standby this month, breakfast tacos! Easy and delicious. Avocados and eggs go so well together. Turns out a lot of things go well with eggs, like salsa fea, cilantro, and ham (and these are a good way to use up leftover ham and avocado).


Today’s tacos are another different variation with not usual taco ingredients. A few weekends ago, I used leftover smoked salmon to put a taco together really quick. As luck would have it, my fancy taco book has a recipe for fancy smoked salmon tacos.

I’ve mentioned it’s hard to get fresh seafood in Decorah, so as one might imagine, it might be impossible to find salmon roe. I didn’t want to go through the effort of finding any, either, so that’s one ingredient that will get skipped. The rest, I got.


As it says in the cookbook description for these tacos, these are a nod to the Jewish delicatessen treats of lox and cream. Smoked salmon, lime cream cheese, cucumber, yum. A fresh batch of corn tortillas give these some body, and the salsa and lime put a Mexican twist on this traditional flavor. Another recipe that’s going to go into regular rotation, and not only when I happen to have leftover stuff I need to use. I’ll just need to make sure there’s enough smoked salmon for these. Only had one more taco left after the first round (which was enough this time, but next time, we might not be so lucky).


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