More leftovers, and more shrimp

The corned beef is nearing the end of its fridge life, so yesterday I used it in a couple tacos, with leftover potatoes and Swiss cheese. And leftover flour tortillas. It was good. Not very inspiring, but not all tacos must reach to great heights. Sometimes they’re great just sating hunger.

Sriracha is always, ALWAYS a good addition to tacos

Today’s tacos were the result of me wanting more shrimp and mushroom tacos since Whitney got them last weekend, but without needing to put pants on and go anywhere for them. It’s always more fun and delicious to make tacos at home, anyway.

I didn’t really go with any recipe here, so this was thrown together with whatever sounded good. Olive oil, garlic, onion, crushed red pepper flakes, mushrooms, shrimp, a roma tomato, and feta cheese. It all came together really well, especially next to a decent pinot noir, because we fancy.

Lime and cilantro should go without saying

One of the better parts of this is having leftover mushrooms to use in some future taco. Always planning for the future.

TACO COUNT – 69 (nice)

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