Carniceria in Postville, IA

Today we scratched off a spot I wanted to check out for a while now, the Carniceria in Postville, IA. A friend told me about it a few weeks ago, a little restaurant in the back to a grocery store/butcher shop. A favorite taco spot of mine in Kansas City was in a meat market, Bichelmeyer Meats, so this was a place I needed to visit. It’s been too long since I’ve had cabeza and lengua.


This was a good idea. Chicken, al pastor, lengua, and cabeza. With a Negra Modelo (seriously, if you haven’t had it for a while, go pick up a few Modelos and drink them). I definitely could have had at least one more, but gotta leave something to try the next time.

Postville is about 20-25 miles away, and this was worth the trip. Free chips and salsa, and a couple spicy salsas served with the tacos. Ed Norton’s Incredible Hulk movie was on the tv, too! A really great visit. I’m ready to go back. Like, right now. These might be the best tacos in the area, but there are still other places I need to visit. I need to get tacos everywhere.

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